That Festive Feeling in the Philippines

How am I to speak of January 2012? It seems that every month a friend or relative is celebrating his or her birthday. There is always an excuse to be festive and excited each and every day of 2012. I will remember January of this year as a time of many firsts. Last January 22, I listened to businessman turned born-again Christian pastor, Mr. Wyden King deliver the 1st anniversary message of EarthHeaven worship team. His message was inspiring and the ambience was spectacular! The following day, lunch-hour news showed a fresh-faced Shalani Soledad Romulo in her Inno Sotto wedding gown. That princess dress reminded me of the hoop-skirts of pioneer days. Thank goodness! A bride’s demure smile is not at all passe! By the way, how does a queso-de-bola cheesecake taste like? According to the news, that was served during the reception.

Did you know that QDB with fried or BBQ chicken tastes exquisite as a sandwich filling? And have you seen just how many flavors of new year rice cakes there are? When it’s festive, one feels great. When there’s some spectacle to appreciate out there, it catches one’s interest. In the meantime, our culture, with its varied artistic expressions and definitions, matter a lot to me. I’m (feeling) good! Praise the Almighty!!! “Culture is a paliative” a scholar once said. Hey, it need not have an overwhelming old taste in contemporary urban everyday life.       


About cathydeleon

I was a student of the late Constancio Bernardo and Jose Joya. I also had the privilege to have Rod Paras Perez, Napoleon "Billy" Abueva, Romeo Mananquil, Rafael Asuncion, Virginiaflor Agbayani and Lito Carating as my mentors. Larry Alcala's work at the Commission on Audit was done with a little help from me and another fine arts graduate. It was as well a privilege to meet many well known Filipino artists like Juvenal Sanso, Nena Saguil, Cesar Legaspi, Ang Kiukok, Onib Olmedo, Boy Rodriguez, Norma Belleza, Jerry Araos, Fred Baldemor, Esmeraldo Dans, Dave Aquino, and many other equally prominent visual artists. After a few years of working in a gallery, I took up graduate studies and finished my M.A. degree. Consequently I took up Philippine Studies (Philippine Society and Culture). The course was a consortium between the UP Asian Center, UP College of Social Sciences & Philosophy (CSSP) and the College of Arts & Letters (CAL). I finished my Ph.D. degree a few years ago.
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